Published in the Martinsburg Journal October 2016

It’s 8th Grade, all over again

The Jocks have taken over the school, and brought the Homecoming

Queen with them while they chant "Boys don't make passes with girls

who wear glasses." They stormed into the Student Council Meetings

and disrupted it with sarcastic jokes.

They snuck in to the auditorium and stole the PA system from the

debate team to use it for their pep rally, where young girls who look like

contestants for the Miss Universe Pageant will cheer them on.

They flip off the teachers and the principal and still haven't been sent to

detention. The classrooms and hallways are littered with their trash talk.

The National Honor Society has been disbanded due to lack of

attendance: the members don't show up because the pathway to the

classroom door is lined with 'jock supporters' who jeer them for being

'nerds' who actually do their homework.

After school, they congregate on the bus and rate the girls from 1-to-10,

based on their looks, breast size, and willingness to have sex with them.

Their parents look the other way, afraid to discipline their own sons.

Power passes from the intelligent, ambitious and creative population to

these uneducated, bullying adolescents.

The 'Jocks' protest the study of Evolution in biology class, but

institutionalize one of the main points of Darwin for themselves:

"Survival of the Fittest." That's the one concept they steal from the

biology books, and apply it to pave the pathway to our destruction.

I hope, in four years, we can graduate from this horrible experience, and

no longer have to sit next to boys going through puberty in perpetuity.