Upcoming exhibits and events

September 27, 28 and 29th in Shepherdstown, West Virginia

We're commemorating our non-profit organization, the United States Veterans Art Program, after a decade supporting art therapy within the VA by supplying resources directly to facilities to be used by the therapists and veterans, for music, art and recreation therapy.

We've gone to 40 facilities around the country and provided $100,000 of musical instruments, photography equipment, art supplies and writing materials;  we bought whatever the therapists asked for, purchasing thousands of items through grants, fundraisers and public donations.

This event will include my "Fibers of Defiance" exhibit and include music and  videos, with cookies available throughout the day!  

It will be held  Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11-5PM at the Shepherdstown Community Club,, otherwise known as the "War Memorial Building" at

 102 East German Street in the center of town.  

October 2019 in Hagerstown, Maryland

I host  a solo exhibit at the "Engine Room Art Space" on Potomac Street in downtown Hagerstown, from October 3 until the 27th.  A reception will be on Friday October 4.  

November, 2019 at the Blue Moon in Shepherdstown

This is the most popular restaurant in Shepherdstown for casual dining:  I'll be filling the walls with my posters and textile hangings.  The restaurant is at 200 East High Street, near the main campus of the University, and is open from 11-9PM every single day.  Parking is easy.

November, 2020 at the Blanche Ames Gallery in Frederick, MD

This gallery is located within the UUCF facility at 4880 Elmer Derr Road outside of Frederick, MD.  More details on hours will follow!