Born in Chicago, Carol Williams grew up in rural Midwestern towns in Southern Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin. After High School she drifted in and out of several colleges, played keyboards in Chicago bar bands, then went to Boston to go to Berklee College of Music in 1975. She and fellow classmate Kimo Williams (a Vietnam veteran) got married and enlisted in the US Army Band program, with tours with the 9th Infantry Division at Ft. Lewis, WA and the 5th Army Band stationed at Ft. Sheridan, near Chicago.

After spending seven years in the Army, she began performing recording her original compositions, now available on I-Tunes and other online music sources.   In 1994, she earned her nursing degree and spent the next 20 years working in Chicago hospitals, primarily in the ER. She continued to perform while as a singer/songwriter as well as an instrumentalist, and after retiring, relocated to West Virginia with her husband in 2015.

Carol began writing a bi-monthly Op-Ed Column for the Martinsburg Journal in February 2017, with additional publications in the Baltimore Sun, the Charlestown Gazette-Mail, and the Shepherdstown Observer.   Several years ago she took up quilting, and now creates wall hangings with fabric and buttons that represent  commentary on contemporary political and social issues. Included in her exhibit are posterized excerpts from her published articles.

Carol has an Associate’s Degree from Berklee College, a BS in Nursing from University of Illinois at Chicago, a BA in Psychology from St. Martin’s College, and a Master’s Degree in Music from Northeastern Illinois University.

Her other favorite art form is political cartoons, which is evident throughout  the “Fibers of Defiance” exhibit she has created.